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September 19, 2017 8:32 pm

September 19, 2017 - 8:32 PM LOCATION: JW Hall’s Restaurant, Hopewell

President Strayer called the meeting to order with the following BOD members and Committee members in attendance: Bartley, Telenko, Nagie, McNamee, Brown, Bosco, Schuster, Prindible, Miller, Jordan, Defilippo, Henze, Womer, Keener, Pollock, Carty, Lander, and Vernon.

PRESIDENT: Welcome to all attending. Just finished a very interesting tour.

The meeting this evening will be focused on open items due to the late-night start. Floor to Marty Thornton for CONSTRUCT attendance report. Of importance is the fact the CSI Institute planning on investing funds into BSD to develop specification interface with Revit. Discussion concluded this is long shot based on current market usage. Institute should be contacted by all interested parties to express concern/opinion. Formal notes to be provided for the record.

PRESIDENT: MOTION: To approve the minutes of August, 23, 2017 board meeting as submitted; proposed by Nagie, seconded by Schuster; motion unanimously approved.
TREASURER: Nagie: we are solvent. Edgewood Country Club booked for September 15, 2018 for 60th Anniversary Party.
MOTION: To approve monthly treasurer’s report and preliminary 2017/2018 budget as submitted proposed by Miller, seconded by Schuster; motion unanimously approved.
PROGRAMS: Scott Keener to co-chair with assistance from Matt Lander. Following are current plans:
1. October 10th – Presentation of new AIA documents at Cefalo’s. AIA course credit to be offered.
2. November 6th – Student Outreach Mixer. See Student outreach committee report below.
3. December 12th – Holiday Party. See Hospitality below.
1. Golf outing set for 9/21. Total of 39 people registered.
2. Holiday Party Jim Geist started soliciting. The following are C/F comments from July to
consider for this year event: This event format is getting tired, so we need to find alternative to create interest. Joint party? Just invite another group? Key is get professionals to attend.
3. Sporting Clay shoot cancelled for October due to lack of response from participants & range.
1. WEBSITE: New Leadership Information uploaded. Web site to be updated to accept Pay
Pal payments for various events.
3. POST CARDS: Nothing at this time.
4. PROMOTIONAL ITEMS: Bill Vernon provided inventory list for reference.
MEMBERSHIP: September report showing new and lost YTD 2017 provided. Current membership 115 is lowest since 2015. Concern over Institute accuracy of reporting. Matt Lander volunteered to call recent lost members to verify status vs. reporting errors.
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TECHNICAL EDUCATION: Education other than lunch-and-learns are less popular since professionals can get education in other ways with less time commitment.
1. Phil Dorenkott working for November Plan Grid technical seminar at MBA offices. Only Union affiliated companies to attend.
2. Discussion of using “Let’s Fix Construction” presentation as possible additional course.
CERTIFICATION: No Report provided.
AWARDS: Consider combining with 60th Anniversary this year. See new business. Topics for Award submittals were reviewed. Deadline is December 31, 2017 for submission for the FYE 6/30/17.
GBA LIASION: No Report provided.
STUDENT OUTREACH: Chatham volunteered to host a student/professional meeting on November 6th. Can invite students that can walk/bike to the event.
1. Students from: Chatham, PITT, La Roche, Duquesne, CMU to be invited
2. NOMA – To be invited as our guests to help attract younger professionals
3. BOMA – To be invited as paying guests
4. Format will be open discussion, food. Each Organization to make a 2-5 minute
presentation of their purpose and career paths. CSI can discuss CDT course advantages.
5. Colleen to draft a flyer of event information.
CSI CHAPTER 60th ANNIVERSARY: This can be promoted. Kate drafting flyer that could be
used to solicit sponsors. Committee volunteers: Colleen, Matt, Bob, Mark & Rich to organize.
MOTION: For adjournment at 9:11 PM, since there was no additional business before the board; proposed by, Miller seconded by Pollock; motion unanimously approved.
Minutes respectfully submitted by Rich Strayer on behalf of Josh Telenko.
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New Meeting Follow-Up Summary Section:
Below information is not a part of the BOD meeting minutes. It is a list of various ACTION ITEMS noted from this and previous meeting notes requiring follow-up based on meeting discussion. It is not all inclusive or otherwise limiting. It is a reference point to remind us what we volunteered for! Unless otherwise noted the responsible individual will present the results of their work at the next BOD meeting.
1. COLLEEN – To call Carpenters Union about a tour and available dates. Info to SCOTT.
2. MATT – Prepare inventory of pins and other membership and recommend shortages to be
3. MATT & DAMIAN – Membership committee created 2017 historical membership rosters to
highlight members who have fallen off. MATT volunteered to call lost members per list.
4. ALL BOD – Need Technical Education Committee Chairperson.
5. PHIL – Contact MBA office & pick a date for Plan Grid course to be scheduled.
6. COLLEEN – Student Event Flyer for November meeting.
7. RICH – CSI Information Brochure updated.
8. 60TH ANNIVERSARY COMMITTEE – Need to discuss ideas after Gail gets site booked.
9. MARC – To contact Dr. Zoot for availability at Holiday Party
10.MIKI – Involuntarily requested to update the 2016 Holiday Party notice. Create in format
that can be maintained by less technical people in the future.
11.KATE: - Add Pay Pal to web site.
12.KATE: Add 60th Anniversary save the date to web site.
13.BILL – Awards ideas to be documented – What do you need? NOT LIMITED TO: MARC
conference organization (Gail/Miki), MARC brochure (Miki), Specigram (Bob), Website (Kate). Confer with Marty about details of submittal & category. Next year (2018) already identified: LOS course (Marty), Chatham Student Outreach Brochure & Event (Colleen)
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