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Meeting Minutes

April 11, 2017 3:06 pm

April 11, 2017 - 5:25 PM                  LOCATION: Cefalo’s

President Strayer called the meeting to order with the following in attendance:  Bradley, Telenko, Nagie, McNamee, Brown, Bosco, Schuster, Prindible, Miller, Jordan, Thornton, and Defilippo.

PRESIDENT:  Institute is still behind on dues, Nagie and Strayer looking into.

SECRETARY:   MOTION: To approve the minutes of March board meeting as submitted; proposed by Miller, seconded by Bosco; motion unanimously approved.

TREASURER: Nagie: we are solvent.

MOTION: To approve monthly treasurer’s report as submitted proposed by Schuster, seconded by Brown; motion unanimously approved.

WEBSITE: Schuster: Links on website are to be added / changed and/or corrected.

ELECTIONS: Strayer: upcoming Chapter elections for the following: 1st VP – K. Brown; 2nd VP – D. Miller; Treasurer – G. Nagie; BOD(1) – K. Schuster; BOD(2) – J. Henze.

MOTION: To approve all nominees as presented proposed by Thornton, seconded by Prindible; motion unanimously approved.

MEMBERSHIP:  Lander and Carnegie sent report. Currently we have 124 members. Membership committee is being asked to look for renewals of members who have fallen off.

CERTIFICATION: Bosco: William Pope with NEXT Architecture is interested in a CDT exam/course/study guide; Thornton will email him.

AWARDS/SPEC COMPETITION: Vernon and Thornton to discuss awards at next meeting.

GBA LIASON: Jeff Carty is interested in being the GBA Liason, Thornton will contact him to do a program.

STUDENT OUTREACH: No students were able to attend Jeopardy for April meeting with the finals schedule.

GOLF OUTING: Golf outing has been moved to June, date not set.

MEMBER PROFILES/MARC 17/OTHER: Strayer: 69 people fully registered for MARC 17, everything is currently planned and ready but looking for more Pittsburgh participants and some giveaways if anyone has anything to contribute.

MOTION: For adjournment at 5:52 PM, since there was no additional business before the board; proposed by, Bosco seconded by Nagie; motion unanimously approved.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Josh Telenko.