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Meeting Minutes

January 12, 2016 5:15 pm

At 5:15 meeting was brought to order by Rich Strayer.

In attendance are: Rich Strayer, Bill Vernon, Gail Nagie, Brad Bartley, Phil Dorenkott, Kate Schuster, Kelly Brown, David  Miller and Bob Bailey.

Motion to approve minutes from previous meeting was initiated by Nagie, seconded by Dorenkott.  All present voted to approve minutes as listed.

Strayer noted that he anticipates open positions for next year.  Anticipated openings are for the positions of 2nd Vice-President as well as three board positions.  Bartley expressed an interest in seeking another term for his current board position.  Dorenkott stated he did not intend to seek an additional term.  McNamee was not present to state her intention.  Miller expressed an interest in running for a board position.

David Miller stated he will coordinate a meeting with Jim Geist and Chelsea Adkins of IIDA to discuss next year’s plans for the Holiday Party.


Financial statements were approved as submitted by Nagie.  The motion to approve was initiated by Dorenkott, second by Strayer.  Proceeds from the 2015 Holiday Party will result in a $300 donation to The Pittsburgh Food Bank on behalf of the Chapter.


Programs- Bailey reported tonight’s program will be by GBA on the 2030 Program.  February will be Speed Dating.  Tentative plans for March is a tour of Scott Hall at CMU.   April will feature the One Hour to Bid program with Bill Brightbill.  The tour of The Drury Hotel (former Federal Reserve Building) is a likely program for May.  Narcisi Winery was suggested for the June Awards Program.

Hospitality- No Report

Publicity- Miller requested that members cease responding to the e-mail blasts.  Kudos on the Specigram.

Technical Education- Dorenkott provided details on the upcoming Technical Seminar on steel studs on February 18th.  Requested help from Publicity to put on website and send him a link.

Certification- No Report

Awards/Spec Competition- Submission was made on December 30th.  Chapter submitted six candidates for consideration.


GBA- Dorenkott reported he continues to attend GBA events.

Student Outreach- Vernon reports that Laurie Kraus from Chatham has requested that an instructor is needed for the Specifier 101 Course.  Chatham will be in attendance at the April Meeting (One Hour to Bid program).

Long Range Planning- No report.

Archiving- No report.

Regional Conference- Nagie reported that we must develop a “Pittsburgh Promotion Presentation” to be shown at the upcoming Regional Conference in Baltimore.  The presentation should entice CSI members to attend the future Regional Conference in Pittsburgh.

Old Business- Vernon reported that LOS was enjoyable.  The tour of the testing lab facility was very interesting.  Next LOS will be held at Heritage Hill GC in York, Pa August 19-20.

New Business- Nothing to report.

David Miller made the motion to adjourn, Gail Nagie provided the second to the motion.  All approved to adjourn.


Respectfully submitted by Phil Dorenkott  1/13/16