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Meeting Minutes

July 31, 2016 2:00 pm

President Strayer called the meeting to order with the following in attendance: Thornton, Nagie, McNamee, Schuster, Watson, Bosco, Vargo, and Vernon.

Quorum of Officers, Directors & Advisors were present to conduct official Chapter business.
We continue to see Institute offering more excuses than results. Chapter dues are constantly paid late; membership data is incorrect/incomplete; web site design failed to allow log-on. Gail has questioned these as Regional President. We need a reconciliation of Institute data to what we believe is a correct membership roster, and payment of same.

SECRETARY: MOTION: To approve the minutes of previous board meeting was defererd as a copy of the minutes was unavailable. They will be approved at the next chapter BOD.
Copies of the bank statement summary showing activity were presented by Gail & discussed. There being no questions,
MOTION: To approve monthly treasurer’s report as submitted was proposed by Leisa McNamee, seconded by Mike Bosco; motion unanimously approved.


PROGRAMS: No report presented. Bob Bailey will advise update at next meeting.

HOSPITALITY: Golf outing was a success. We had people show up without knowing they were coming. This caused problems with tee times and, had we known, The course would have given us a shotgun start. Future outings to include request for pre-registration requirements
Holiday Party is reserved for 2nd Tuesday in December 13th at Chadwick Restaurant. IIDA unable to provide input. They want to do a joint meeting. Jim to reach-out for ideas over the next few months.

Website to be updated for MARC-17 save the date.
Rich to provide updated Chapter Leadership List to Kate for web site.

Bob/Dave/Kate to coordinate September 13th meeting post cards. Gail Nagie to forward address changes to update mailing list.
New Member Orientation Seminar discussed. Early Spring (March?) time frame favored. Miki recommended new members receive a CSI goodie bag. See new business below. Meeting agenda to be developed. Marty volunteered to enlist Sandy Hundley to help revise previous outline for this orientation.
LOS to include an Institue presentation of new web site; explain other issues.
Chapter Directory update to be started by 9/16.

No Report presented.

Fall certification test dates were extended.
Mike Bosco volunteered to be pro-active and organize a group to meet with registered test takers as tutors. Another option is to create a study guide to be provided to test takes, possibly using Internet course information.

Pittsburgh Chapter received OCC award. Marty to collect at Construct.
Leisa McNamee – to be awarded 10-year chevron.

GBA LIASON: No Report presented.

STUDENT OUTREACH: No Report presented.

Previous facilitator unavailable. We have information and can organize our own LRP review & update meeting. F/U in September at full Chapter meeting to enlist others to volunteer.

ARCHIVING: No Report presented.

MARC 17:
Gail & Rich discussed progress on the meeting. Preliminary Agenda 90% complete. Hotel food & beverage costs to be reviewed & reduced. Next committee meeting to be set. Gail to provide hotel food & beverage cost details to Rich

Preliminary Budget for 2016/17 presented by Gail. Shows increased activities and improved net positive cash flow. After discussion, members asked to review with view to approve at August 24th BOD meeting.

Marty provided Bill with various CSI logo items inventory. They are to be categorized & counted so we know what we have and how they can be sold/used.
We have notebooks with pens (MARC Goodie bags idea), Flash Drives, CSI T-Shirts, and messenger bags. Quanities TBD.

MOTION: For adjournment at 3:17 PM, since there was no additional business before the board; proposed by,Kate Schuster, seconded by Mike Bosco ; motion unanimously approved.
Minutes respectfully submitted by Rich Strayer.