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Meeting Minutes

December 09, 2015 12:05 pm

President Vernon called the meeting to order with the following in attendance:  Strayer, Nagie, Bosco, Schuster, Bartley, Brown, Mcnemee Miller, Bailey, Vargo; Committees: Geist, Wygal Thornton


PRESIDENT: Holiday Part was a success.


SECRETARY: Aurora Sharrard spelling corrected. MOTION: To approve the minutes of November board meeting as corrected; proposed by Rich Strayer, seconded by Mikki Vargo; motion unanimously approved.


TREASURER: Nagie: working to finalize the Holiday party information, no treasurer’s report.


PROGRAMS: Bailey: January’s meeting will be at Cefalo’s presented by GBA “What new and an update on ongoing projects” we may be joined by “Women in Design”. February will be the Speed Dating at Cefalo’s March and April are not planned yet. Student contact has not occurred so Are You Smarter Than a Specifier is not planned.  The chapter should still perform some form of outreach/ scholarship for students.


TECHNICAL/EDUCATION: Bailey: RCI may perform the roofing seminar, without CSI another technical seminar topic is being researched.


CERTIFICATION: one member did not pass CDT will be retaking the Test soon.


MEMBERSHIP: please see attached list of new/expiring/expired members, with support action required.


AWARDS/SPEC COMPETITION: Thornton and Bartley proposed the following awards:

  • Education Award - Josh Telenko
  • Education Award - Phil Dorenkott and Sean Luther for September Joint meeting with ASHRAE.
  • Education Award - Kelly Brown for presentation to the Art Institute.- Handouts, any information on attendance or other supporting information is needed to complete the award.
  • Education Award - Mike Moyta for Student Outreach.
  • Communication Award – Periodical = Bob Bailey
  • Communication Award – Electronic = Kate Schuster- screen shots/supporting information is needed
  • Organizational Certificate of Merit = PBX
  • Technical Award  = Catherine Houska, Specifier Article.
  • Neuhausel Award = Jim Geist; possibly Denny Buirge
  • Brosseau Award = No Candidate
  • Distinguished Service Award = No Candidate


MOTION: list to be approved proposed by: Nagie, seconded by Miller


HOLIDAY PARTY: Party occurred the previous night, full report to be made next month. A lot of positive feedback from attendees.  IIDA president and members in attendance liked the party and would like to participate more in the future.


GOLF OUTING: A member of IIDA proposed that this year we partner with them for at least one golf outing. Contanct Information will be forwarded to Mark Womer


NEW BUSINESS:  Jessica Dieker for Hilti expressed interest in getting involved.  Bruce Pollock has attended several meetings and was suggested to be contacted for board involvement.  January should be a time to review executive board and director positions for selection/ recruitment to be proposed in March


MOTION: For adjournment at 12:51 PM, since there was no additional business before the board; proposed by Vargo, seconded by Miller; motion unanimously approved.


Minutes respectfully submitted by William Vernon.