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Meeting Minutes

September 16, 2016 5:10 pm

Acting President Thornton called the meeting to order with the following in attendance:  Telenko, Nagie, McNamee, Brown, Bosco, Schuster, Miller, Bailey, Jordan, Geist, Carnegie, Vernon, Bartley.

PRESIDENT: Thornton: Next national CSI Convention will be in Providence, RI September 13-16th, 2017; Columbus Chapter received a grant to advance CDT at Columbus University.

SECRETARY:   MOTION: To approve the minutes of August board meeting as corrected; proposed by Miller, seconded by Nagie; motion unanimously approved.

TREASURER:   Nagie: Bailey needs funds for archiving.

MOTION: To approve amended (for archiving funding) monthly treasurer’s report as submitted; proposed by Miller, seconded by Bosco; motion unanimously approved.

MOTION: To approve monthly treasurer’s report as submitted; proposed by Bailey, seconded by Vernon; motion unanimously approved.

PROGRAMS: Bailey: October will be a plant tour at Matthews Bronze Plant, can’t do the 2nd Tuesday of the month, so it will be the 3rd (October 18th); November is still being finalized; Holiday Party is December 13th, initial invites have gone out and 6 vendors have committed.

WEBSITE: Schuster: All Chapter positions have been updated, advertising pricing is listed.

PUBLICITY: Miller: No post cards went out, Brian Tremble said he would take this over for Miller.

MEMBERSHIP: Carnegie: review of membership report, asked that if anyone knows someone that is up for renewal to reach out to them and report back.

CERTIFICATION: Exams are running from September 26th – December 10th, applications are cut off at this point.

AWARDS/SPEC COMPETITION: Region Awards applications are due by December 31st

GOLF OUTING: Outing will be this Thursday September 18th with a 9:00 AM shotgun start.

MEMBER PROFILES/MARC 17/OTHER: Nagie requests help with electronic communications for CONSTRUCT, MARC 17 committee meeting next week, information will be sent.

REGION: Planning and Education committees looking for members, and a Finance committee will be put in place; Region Nominations as follows: Region President – Gail Nagie, 1st VP – Thomas Feulner, 2nd VP – Lee Ann Slattery, Secretary – Steven Lawrey, Institution Director – Marvin Kemp. 

MOTION: For adjournment at 5:45 PM, since there was no additional business before the board; proposed by Miller, seconded by Schuster; motion unanimously approved.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Josh Telenko.