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Meeting Minutes

March 15, 2016 12:00 pm

President Vernon called the meeting to order with the following in attendance:  Vargo, Miller,  Nagie, McNamee, Dorenkott, Watson, Brown,  Prindible, Thornton, Wygal & Vernon.


PRESIDENT:  Chapter elections are to occur in April the following are the slate for new board members. President: Rich Strayer; 1st Vice President: Marty Thornton; 2nd Vice President: David Miller; Secretary: Josh Telenko;

Director: Bruce Pollock (new board member); Director: Brad Bartley (full term); Director: Leisa McNamee MOTION: To close nominations with the understanding nominations will be reopen in April when candidates are voted on. proposed by McNamee seconded by Watson.


SECRETARY:  Tabled to next meeting.


TREASURER:    MOTION: To approve this month’s report; proposed by McNamee , seconded by Vargo; motion unanimously approved.


HOSPITALITY: Next month will be at Cefelo’s.   


PROGRAMS:   April: 1 hour to bid at Cefalo’s May: tour of the Drury Hotel project ; June: Chapter Awards location to be discussed.


WEBSITE:   No report


PUBLICITY:  Miller will issue email about golf outing and a separate email about the election slate and the next meeting in April.


MEMBERSHIP:   New member contact persons were assigned.  List of members not on the chapter roster were discussed and contact persons were assigned.  Member with lapsing memberships were discussed and contact persons were assigned.


TECHNICAL/EDUCATION:   P. Dorenkott and MBA chair Jon O’Brien director industry relations went to a thank you lunch for MBA’s support. MBA is willing to host future events for the chapter. A future event topic is pursued suggestions are welcomed


CERTIFICATION:  Report submitted by Bosco.


AWARDS: Institute awards are due May 6th, O.C.C. is due July 5th; Chapter awards are due before June meeting.  Chapter has several members that have received Regional Awards President will need to verify attendance of those nominated or provide acceptance of those awards not present.  For institute awards Kelly Brown and Specigram will be nominated the metal stud educational event will be nominated.  The award set up has changed and the Narratives are very important to describe and achieve the awards.




LONG RANGE PLANNING:   there will need to be a revised approach as the person organizing this has other family commitments and will not be able to assist in this project.


GOLF OUTING:  next outing will be at Cranberry Highlands. D Miller will be in attendance to assist with Pay Pal account. cost is $100 per person $380 per foursome ( am Check in


OLD BUSINESS:   Strayer will represent Pittsburgh Chapter at LOS, Brown and Fulton will be attending as well.




MOTION: For adjournment at 12:45 PM, since there was no additional business before the board; proposed by, Miller seconded by Schuster; motion unanimously approved.


Minutes respectfully submitted by Bill Vernon.