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Meeting Minutes

October 10, 2017 5:10 pm

President Strayer called the meeting to order with the following BOD members and Committee members in attendance: Bartley, Telenko, Nagie, McNamee, Brown, Bosco, Schuster, Prindible, Miller, Jordan, Defilippo, Henze, Womer, Keener, Pollock, Carty, Lander, and Vernon.

PRESIDENT: Welcome to all attending.
MARC conference call held Monday. NOVA hosting 2018 Regional Conference. May be behind in sponsorships. Marvin asked for comments from Region & Members to Institute as to what they can do better. Construct 2018 in Long Beach, CA. Only 300 hotel rooms available. If you are considering book now.
SECRETARY (ACTING): Presented previously issued draft of 9/19/17 meeting minutes. MOTION: To approve the minutes of September 19, 2017 board meeting as submitted; proposed
by Nagie, seconded by McNamee; motion unanimously approved.
TREASURER: Nagie: we are solvent. Edgewood Country Club booked for September 15, 2018 for 60th Anniversary Party. We have excess funds from actual current year fiscal activities. Budget excess to be used to support future programs as determined by the BOD. In particular the student & NOMA dinner costs for November meeting.
MOTION: To approve monthly treasurer’s report and plan to shuffle budget funds as determined by the BOD proposed by Pollock, seconded by McNamee; motion unanimously approved.
PROGRAMS: Scott Keener to co-chair with assistance from Matt Lander. Following are current plans:
1. November 6th – Student Outreach Mixer. See Student outreach committee report below.
2. December 12th – Holiday Party. See Hospitality below.
3. Tepper Tour in January or March TBD based on site progress.
1. Golf outing held 9/21. Total registration met budget revenue.
2. Holiday Party Jim Geist started soliciting. We have 13 tables committed. Need 21 to
break-even. Key is get professionals to attend. Notice from 2016 to be updated & distributed to members to obtain sponsors & professional attendees. We need entertainment. Matt to provide contact info to Marc & jim.
1. WEBSITE: New Leadership Information uploaded. Web site was updated to accept Pay
Pal payments for various events. New advertising rates published. Expired advertisers to
be deleted from the web site.
2. SPECIGRAM: Issued October 10, 2017
3. POST CARDS: Nothing at this time. None issued for October meeting. This seems to be
possible cause for low/last-minute attendee responses. Brian Trimble has handled mailing, but needs to get information early to have time to produce & mail post cards. Question asked: Can we convert mass emails to meeting invites so that the data would be added to recipient calendar and eliminate the manual process that seems to let people forget.
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4. PROMOTIONAL ITEMS: Nothing new.
MEMBERSHIP: October shows 114 members. Report to be distributed after the meeting. Concern over Institute accuracy of reporting. Matt Lander called recent lost members to verify status vs. reporting errors. Found one error and resurrected a past member. Thanks to Matt! Matt reported that pin inventory may be low for new member pins. He will confirm and recommend purchase quantity.
TECHNICAL EDUCATION: Education other than lunch-and-learns are less popular since professionals can get education in other ways with less time commitment.
1. Phil Dorenkott set November Plan Grid technical seminar at MBA offices on November 21, 2017 at 8:30 AM. Only Union affiliated companies to attend.
CERTIFICATION: We have 2 home study courses have been sold. In addition there are 2 more potential CDT candidates that may purchase the course. Jeff Carty is studying for CCPR certification.
AWARDS: Consider combining with 60th Anniversary this year. See new business. Topics for Award submittals were reviewed. Deadline is December 31, 2017 for submission for the FYE 6/30/17. Awards to be filed early. If early a reviewer has time to make comments & suggestions for modifications to maximize submissions.
GBA LIASION: Jeff Carty attended meetings. Has received information about GBA events that he reviewed. Jeff will contact GBA to be sure it is ok to post their activities on CSI web site via calendar link. We will ask for the same courtesy.
STUDENT OUTREACH: Chatham volunteered to host a student/professional meeting on November 6th. Can invite students that can walk/bike to the event.
1. Students from: Chatham, PITT, La Roche, Duquesne, CMU to be invited
2. NOMA – To be invited as our guests to help attract younger professionals
3. REA Real Estate Association of University of Pittsburgh – To be invited as paying guests
4. Format will be open discussion, food. Each Organization to make a 2-5 minute
presentation of their purpose and career paths. CSI can discuss CDT course advantages.
5. CSI members will pay reduced dinner fee.
6. Colleen issued a flyer of event information.
OTHER/NEW BUSINESS: Secretary Josh resigned. We need a volunteer to take the term and possibly run for new term in June. Marc Zell unable to attend November meeting. He will contact Stacey to confirm her attendance, or let us know a volunteer is needed.
CSI CHAPTER 60th ANNIVERSARY: This can be promoted. Kate posted flyer on web site that can be used to solicit sponsors. Committee volunteers: Colleen, Matt, Bob, Mark & Rich to organize.
MOTION: For adjournment at 6:11 PM, since there was no additional business before the board; proposed by, Nagie seconded by Pollock; motion unanimously approved.
Minutes respectfully submitted by Rich Strayer on behalf of Josh Telenko.
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New Meeting Follow-Up Summary Section:
Below information is not a part of the BOD meeting minutes. It is a list of various ACTION ITEMS noted from this and previous meeting notes requiring follow-up based on meeting discussion. It is not all inclusive or otherwise limiting. It is a reference point to remind us what we volunteered for! Unless otherwise noted the responsible individual will present the results of their work at the next BOD meeting.
1. COLLEEN – To call Carpenters Union about a tour and available dates. Info to SCOTT.
2. MATT – Inventory of New Member pins and recommend shortages to be purchased.
3. ALLBOD–NeedTechnicalEducationCommitteeChairperson&Secretary
4. PHIL – Discussion of using “Let’s Fix Construction” presentation as possible additional
5. 60TH ANNIVERSARY COMMITTEE – Need to discuss ideas.
6. MARC – To contact Dr. Zoot for availability at Holiday Party’
7. MATT–HaspossibledinnermusiciantobeforwardedtoJIM&MARC.
8. BILL – Awards ideas to be documented – What do you need? NOT LIMITED TO: MARC
conference organization (Gail/Miki), MARC brochure (Miki), Specigram (Bob), Website (Kate). Confer with Marty about details of submittal & category. FILE EARLY Next year (2018) already identified: LOS course (Marty), Chatham Student Outreach Brochure & Event (Colleen)
9. KATE – To contact DAVE about meeting invites vs. general email blasts. RICH recommended small test to BOD.
10.MATT – to download current chapter member list & send to RICH for distribution to executive. Then follow up with mass email to all members to review.
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