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Meeting Minutes

February 10, 2015 8:05 pm

LOCATION: Cefalos Restaurant, Carnegie, PA

President Vernon called the meeting to order with the following in attendance:  Vargo, Telenko, Buirge, Nagie, McNamee, Watson, Fulton, Bosco, Dorenkott, Schuster, Moyta, Prindible, Miller, Bailey, Geist, Thornton, Carnegie, and Womer.

PRESIDENT: Vernon acknowledged Holiday Party and that location has not been decided; LOS on August 15th in York, PA should be a well-attended event.

SECRETARY: MOTION: To approve minutes of December board meeting as submitted and January board meeting as corrected; proposed by Vernon, seconded by Miller; motion unanimously approved.

TREASURER: Chapter is doing well and remains solvent.

MOTION: To approve monthly treasurer’s report as submitted; proposed by Watson, seconded by McNamee; motion unanimously approved.

HOSPITALITY: Geist is seeking some assistance and/or new person to fill the Hospitality role; Chapter will stick with Chadwick for 2015 Holiday Party but are looking for ideas to freshen up the event; discussed increasing the fee to cover more design professionals and focus on breaking even rather than making a profit.

PROGRAMS: March - Dave Stutzman – Evolving Specifications – What’s the Future; April - Are you Smarter than a Spec Writer, Moyta will reach out to Chatham U. to see if they are interested.


TECHNICAL/EDUCATION: Telenko is looking to do a presentation on estimating; Chuck Kovach (FedEx Ground) is looking for information from the Chapter, Bosco asked what exactly they are looking for and more information is needed.

CERTIFICATION: Bosco: Ray Nunamaker (Structure Tec Group) purchased one (1) CDT home study course, exams start March 30, 2015.

AWARDS/SPEC COMPETITION:  Thornton explained that CSI will send out a list of award winners and will need help encouraging them to attend Regional Conference in April.

STUDENT OUTREACH:  See Program comments above for April.

LONG RANGE PLANNING: This is in a holding pattern for now.




NEW BUSINESS: Vernon, Vargo and Bailey will discuss Chapter election nominations at March board meeting.

MOTION: For adjournment at   8:37 PM, since there was no additional business before the board; proposed by, Vernon seconded by Miller; motion unanimously approved.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Josh Telenko.