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Meeting Minutes

June 13, 2013 5:15 pm

President Vargo called the meeting to order with the following in attendance: Vernon, Strayer, Buirge, Nagie, Fulton, Bosco, Dorenkott, Moyta, Prindible, Miller, Bailey, Schuster, Mark Womer, and Nicole Winkler.

PRESIDENT:   A letter was sent to Region that our Chapter accepted invitation to host Middle Atlantic Region Conference (MARC) in 2017.

SECRETARY:   MOTION: To approve the minutes of May Meeting; proposed by Nagie, seconded by Miller; motion unanimously approved.

TREASURER:   Reviewed monthly report and an announcement was made for committee chairs to forward proposed 2013 - 2014 budget by beginning of July so information can be processed for discussion at next board meeting.  MOTION: To approve the treasurer’s report as submitted; proposed by Buirge, seconded by Prindible; motion unanimously approved.

PROGRAMS:   Chair thanks Chapter members who assisted this past year and committee will initiate planning for next year’s calendar during a meeting sometime in July.

WEBSITE:   New website is ready to launch; and considering adding a way for making on-line payments via PayPal.

PUBLICITY:   Postcards were sent this month.

MEMBERSHIP:   Monthly total is 141; and reviewed names of expiring and expired memberships.

TECHNICAL/EDUCATION:   Several program ideas are being considered and will be refined during summer meetings.

CERTIFICATION:   Institute will re-evaluate possibility of posting their test results on-line based on a recent meeting in Atlanta, GA.

AWARDS/SPEC COMPETITION:   Institute will modify Outstanding Chapter Commendation (OCC) submission requirements so that award will be given for preceding year versus current rule of activities two years ago.

GBA LIASON:   Dorenkott will soon be meeting with GBA representative.

STUDENT OUTREACH:   MasterFormat copies were given to local higher education facilities, except Art Institute of Pittsburgh and PTI due to their not responding to our inquiries, so the lone copy will be given to either MasterBuilders or Carpenter’s Training Center.

GOLF OUTING:   A new chair is needed with Mark Bus being transferred to Allenton, PA; and current plan was considered for two potential outings in August and October, somewhere in the North area of Pittsburgh.

MEMBER PROFILE:   Next member to be profiled on our website will be selected at tonight’s Chapter meeting.


OLD BUSINESS:   Work will continue during summer on Chapter Directory; name badges are still being negotiated with the plan of resolving for September; July board meeting will begin at 11:30 AM in Smicksburg, PA on 13th; the free CSI membership from Bosco will be given to Damian Carnegie from AVT; while Mark Womer volunteered during the board meeting as Golf Chair, a Membership Chair is still needed.


MOTION:  For adjournment at 5:55 PM, since there was no additional business before the Board; proposed by Prindible, seconded by Nagie; motion unanimously approved.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Dennis Buirge - CCS, CCCA.