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Meeting Minutes

January 13, 2015 8:22 pm

LOCATION: Cefalos Restaurant, Carnegie, PA

President Vernon called the meeting to order with the following in attendance:  Strayer, Buirge, Nagie, Brown, Bosco, Dorenkott, Schuster, Moyta, Miller, Bailey, Zell, Thornton, and Womer.

PRESIDENT: Bill Vernon - Opening remarks thanking everyone for attending, CSI Award recognition to Marty and CSI National registration discussed.  See Committee comments.

SECRETARY:   MOTION: To approve the minutes of December 15, 2014 board meeting was deferred to the February regularly scheduled meeting.  A copy of the meeting minutes was not available for review and approval at this meeting.

TREASURER:   January report presented by Gail Nagie.  Christmas party profit contribution of $325 to be contributed to the Pittsburgh Food Bank.  Gail to handle payment.  Motion proposed by Dorenkott, seconded by Miller, motion unanimously approved.

MOTION: To approve monthly treasurer’s report as submitted; proposed by Dorenkott, seconded by Miller; motion unanimously approved.

PROGRAMS: February Speed Dating event open for registration.  April program Mike Moyta “Smarter than a CSI Member” for student participation.  Invitation of interested schools only to be considered.

MEMBERSHIP:   Bill Vernon reported:  CSI membership registration web site continues to have problems.  Unavailable for on-line registration.  Information is unavailable/unreliable.  Any expiring memberships are being extended by CSI until the problem is resolved. 

CERTIFICATION:   Mike Bosco: Ron Morris (Overhead Door Co.) purchased CDT home study.

AWARDS/SPEC COMPETITION:  Pittsburgh Chapter submissions (11) were 50% of total regional chapter submissions.  Thank you to Marty Thornton for diligent work.

STUDENT OUTREACH:  See Program comments above for April.

LONG RANGE PLANNING: Original program moderator has been contacted to provide a copy of the completed document.  Issues with file size in emails.  Bob Bailey to reach-out and have document uploaded to CSI Google Docs website.  Once available others should review.  Directions to be provided on Google Docs access.  New survey form to be distributed to members for Plan update future activities.
GOLF OUTING:  Mark Womer - The date to be determined for the Spring Golf Outing.  Location agreed to be Strawberry Ridge Golf Course in Harmony, PA.  Mark to obtain dates and costs.


OLD BUSINESS:   CSI participated in Electric League Show in 2014 at the Expo Mart.  It was deemed a good experience at no cost.  Booth may be available again in 2015.  Possible opportunity to meet other architects and solicit new members.  Gail Negie volunteered to help cover booth during part of day.  Details for 2015 TBD.

Registration of Pittsburgh Chapter to offer CSI accredited courses expired.  Notification received, forwarded to Gail Nagie for immediate payment; Awards often require CSI member biographies as part of submission.  This is the hardest part of Award registration/submission.  Marty has a standard biography format that will be provided to Pittsburgh Chapter Members for completion and uploading to the Google Docs website.

MOTION: For adjournment at   8:45 PM, since there was no additional business before the board; proposed by, Miller seconded by Schuster; motion unanimously approved.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Rich Strayer, acting Secretary.