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Meeting Minutes

September 10, 2013 7:45 pm

President Vargo called the meeting to order with the following in attendance: Buirge, Nagie, McNamee, Watson, Fulton, Bosco, Dorenkott, Moyta, Miller, Bailey, Zell, Geist, Schuster, Lander, and Thornton.

SECRETARY:   MOTION: To approve the minutes of August Meeting; proposed by Miller, seconded by McNamee; motion unanimously approved.

TREASURER:   Reviewed monthly report; and reviewed and modified the proposed 2013 - 2014 budget.  MOTION: To approve the treasurer’s report; proposed by Watson, seconded by Fulton; motion unanimously approved.  MOTION: To accept the proposed yearly budget as amended; proposed by Vernon, seconded by Fulton; motion unanimously approved.

HOSPITALITY:   In regards to December Dessert Mini-Product Show, information was sent about this year’s meeting to the 21 vendors who attended last year, with several agreeing to participate this year, and initiated dialog with local AIA Chapter about their involvement and displaying a number of presentation boards from the Design Pittsburgh Program; and September meeting will be at Celafo’s Restaurant.

PROGRAMS:   Upcoming meetings include following: October - The Lost Art of Wood Molding by Steve Kelly; November - Joint Meeting with ASHRAE; and December - Dessert Mini-Product Show.

WEBSITE:   Will upload Specigram and new membership profile; and one link on website is not working properly and will be corrected.

PUBLICITY:   Watson volunteered to committee’s appeal for additional help regarding postcards and email blasts; and committee will consider a ‘no reply’ type email, since members are replying to informational meeting related emails.

MEMBERSHIP:   Monthly total is 145 with 2 new members.

TECHNICAL/EDUCATION:   Currently planning to arrange for a local speaker regarding a seminar on November 14th or 21st and will attempt to schedule another seminar in the spring.

CERTIFICATION:   Early sign-up for Institute exams was July 31st.

AWARDS/SPEC COMPETITION:   Region award submission date was changed to December 31, so anyone having nominations should them to Thornton; and due to Institute changing time frames of Outstanding Chapter Commendation (OCC) awards, submittal deadlines are now 05-02-14 and 07-15-14.

STUDENT OUTREACH:   Another presentation to CMU is tentatively planned for 11-05-13 and Chapter will give CMU a Practice Guide as a thank you.

GOLF OUTING:   About 12 groups made for a successful fall outing; and the initial plan for 2014 is for a spring outing, potentially at a South Hills golf club.

LONG RANGE PLANNING:   It was mentioned about reviewing and updating the Chapter ‘strategic plan’.


OLD BUSINESS:   Name tags have been ordered with black lanyards and should be available for the next Chapter meeting; a Google drive has been established and initiates today for inputting of standard forms, guides, and committee and other business information by Chapter Board members; members should contact Co-Chairs who are willing to work or have meeting ideas for MARC 2017;’ and members should contact Vargo if attending national Construct show in several weeks.


MOTION:  For adjournment at 8:35 PM, since there was no additional business before the Board; proposed by Miller, seconded by Fulton; motion unanimously approved.
Minutes respectfully submitted by Dennis Buirge - CCS, CCCA.