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Meeting Minutes

November 14, 2017 12:05 pm

November 14, 2017 - 12:05 PM                  LOCATION: Conference Call

President Strayer called the meeting to order with the following BOD members and Committee members in attendance:  Miller, Brown, Telenko, Nagie, Buirge, Bartley, Pollock, McNamee, Schuster, Henze, Watson, Bosco, Bailey, Vargo, Vernon, Prindible, Zell, Geist, Jordan, Defilippo, Womer, Keener, Carty, Lander, Thornton.

PRESIDENT:  Welcome to all attending.  MARC conference call summary discussed.  NOVA is hosting 2018 Conference.  Just now seeking sponsorships; possible concern over preparation.  Bob Bailey had fund raising call with NOVA in September where he advised strategy & possible sponsors.  LOS location for 2018 will be same as prior years.  If we want to change, action required earlier to get a facility that meets the needs.

SECRETARY (ACTING): Presented previously issued draft of 10/10/17 meeting minutes.  Brief discussion and correction to LOS presentation award nomination by Thornton was requested and agreed.

MOTION: To approve the minutes of October 10, 2017 board meeting as amended; proposed by McNamee, seconded by Pollock; motion unanimously approved.

TREASURER: Nagie reports were distributed prior to the meeting.  Strayer reviewed briefly: we are solvent. 

MOTION: To approve monthly treasurer’s report proposed by Miller, seconded by McNamee; motion unanimously approved.

PROGRAMS:  No Report.  Last week Student Mixer at Chatham was a great success.  See below discussion notes.  Below are scheduled events carryforward:
1. December 12th – Holiday Party.  See Hospitality below.
2. Tepper Tour in January or March TBD based on site progress.

1. Holiday Party Jim Geist updated sponsors.  We have 15 tables committed.  Need 21 to exceed break-even.  Key is get professionals to attend.  Notice from 2016 was updated.  It was posted to web site & distributed to members to obtain sponsors & professional attendees.  A 6-piece band will provide music.  We need entertainment sponsors and 6+ table sponsors.  Post meeting note:  Received 2-3 new commitments for tables.

1. WEBSITE:  Holiday party announcement & GBA web site link posted.
2. SPECIGRAM:  No November issue.  Combined December issue to be published.
3. POST CARDS:  Information for Holiday party forwarded.  Cards to be mailed before Thanksgiving. 
4. EMAIL BLASTS:  Previous question about converting mass emails to meeting invites so that the data would be added to recipient calendar discussed.  Recommended for Officers & BOD limited communication, but not general CSI members.  Technical discussion resulted in email blast after the meeting to include links to CSI web site, calendar to permit easy manual process to add to individual calendars.
5. PROMOTIONAL ITEMS:  Nothing new.


TECHNICAL EDUCATION:  Education other than lunch-and-learns are less popular since professionals can get education in other ways with less time commitment.
1. McNamee reported that November Plan Grid technical seminar at MBA offices on November 21, 2017 at 8:30 AM has no registrations.  Phil Dorenkott advised the presenter to cancel.  Notice to be added to web site.

CERTIFICATION: No new activity to report.

AWARDS:  No Report.  Topics for Award submittals as received from MARC Awards Chairperson were reviewed.  Deadline is December 31, 2017 for submission for the FYE 6/30/17. 
Thornton had provided recommendations to Vernon.  Additional suggestions noted during discussion: ATAS & Allegheny Millwork – For Organizational Certificate of Merit for MARC in Pittsburgh; Education Award – Bob Bailey for MARC.  See additional notes in follow-up.

Awards to be filed early.  If early a reviewer has time to make comments & suggestions for modifications to maximize submissions.  Strayer to arrange meeting with Vernon & Thornton to provide assistance. 

GBA LIASION: No Report. 

STUDENT OUTREACH:  Chatham hosted a student/professional meeting on November 6th.  Colleen thanked as organizer for a very good turnout and format.  The location allowed students to walk/bike to the event.  CSI participation was approximately 15
1. Students from: Chatham, PITT, attended as guests, approximately 20
2. NOMA – Two attended as our guests.
3. REA Real Estate Association of University of Pittsburgh – Two attended as our guests.
The event created great opportunities for interaction among all attendees.  This format will be used for future events involving student participation.  Food was appropriate and very good.


OTHER/NEW BUSINESS:  Secretary volunteer – Denny Buirge will take the remaining term until 6/30/18 effective after this meeting.

CSI CHAPTER 60th ANNIVERSARY:  This can be promoted.  Kate posted flyer on web site that can be used to solicit sponsors.  Committee volunteers: Colleen, Matt, Bob, Mark & Rich to organize.  Meeting to be scheduled after Holiday party.

MOTION: For adjournment at 12:46 PM, since there was no additional business before the board; proposed by, Miller seconded by Schuster; motion unanimously approved.

Minutes respectfully submitted by acting Secretary Rich Strayer.

Meeting Follow-Up Summary Section:
Below information is not a part of the BOD meeting minutes.  It is a list of various ACTION ITEMS noted from this and previous meeting notes requiring follow-up based on meeting discussion.  It is not all inclusive or otherwise limiting.  It is a reference point to remind us what we volunteered for!  Unless otherwise noted the responsible individual will present the results of their work at the next BOD meeting.

1. COLLEEN –Carpenters Union site tour information dates sent to SCOTT.
2. MATT – Inventory of New Member pins and recommend shortages to be purchased.
3. ALL BOD – Need Technical Education Committee Chairperson & Secretary
4. PHIL – Previous discussion of using “Let’s Fix Construction” presentation as possible additional course was updated and agreed as a good idea.  RICH to contact PBX to discuss joint venture meeting.  SCOTT has instructor contact info when date set.
5. GAIL – A 60TH ANNIVERSARY COMMITTEE – Discuss ideas after Holiday Party.
6. BILL – Awards ideas to be documented – What do you need?  NOT LIMITED TO:  MARC conference organization (Gail/Miki), MARC brochure (Miki), Specigram (Bob), Website (Kate).  Confer with Marty about details of submittal & category.  FILE EARLY  Next year (2018) already identified:  LOS course (Marty & Pat Russell), Chatham Student Outreach Brochure & Event (Colleen)  See new items above.
7. JIM – to advise list of Holiday sponsors.  RICH to distribute to Officers & Directors.
8. MATT – to download current chapter member list & send to RICH for distribution to executive committee.  Then follow up with mass email to all members to review.
9. RICH – To invite NOMA to Holiday Party.  Contact info provided.
10. RICH – Set-up luncheon for Awards review with MARTY & BILL.