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Meeting Minutes

July 20, 2017 6:25 pm

July 20, 2017 - 6:25 PM                  LOCATION: Panera Restaurant-McCandless Crossing

President Strayer called the meeting to order with the following BOD members and Committee members in attendance:  Bartley, Telenko, Nagie (phone), McNamee, Brown, Bosco, Schuster, Prindible, Miller, Jordan, Defilippo, Henze, Womer, Keener, Pollock, Carty, Lander, Miller, and Vernon.

PRESIDENT:  Institute is still behind on dues, CEO Mark Dorsey on Region conference call.  Hoping to improve systems.  The organization appears to be overall financial decline based on review of last 3 years of financials by Strayer. 

The primary purpose of this meeting is to get everyone thinking about the next year.  What can we do to improve our reach into the potential member pool?  How do we see the current budget vs. last years’ information supporting the mission?  We will review various budget line items and discuss relevance and action items to improve the Chapter in FY18.

MARC17 final summary report briefly covered.  Members have a copy.  We spent $13,657 of the savings fund for the conference.  All in agreement it was money well spent.  Congratulations to all who made it a success.

SECRETARY:   No minutes to approve.

TREASURER: Nagie: we are solvent.

MOTION: To approve monthly treasurer’s report as submitted proposed by Schuster, seconded by Miller; motion unanimously approved.

The meeting discussion focused on budget history & actual vs. FYE 6/30/18 budget items commencing with general revenue discussion followed by a review of expenses by committee.  In some cases follow-up items are indicated as ACTION ITEMS in the notes below.
1. Chapter dinners and dues budgets & actual show decline over the past years.  Indicates the lost members and interest in participation.  We need to find ways to stimulate new members, particularly professionals. 
a. Specigram advertising of events early & often.  Create blast format to wide variety of professionals & all chapter members.  Can we get emails from members of others that we could target?
b. Specigram sponsorships to be included.
c. New & different trips & speakers to attract professionals.  Can we get these to be AIA credit based?
d. Joint events with AIA, ASA, ASHRE, Concrete, etc. to develop programs that draw interest and new people to CSI.  COMMITTEE MEETING TO DISCUSS/PLAN.
2. Speed Dating – popular for reps, not professionals.  Consider getting a table based on meeting attendance.  Bringing a guest counts for more.
3. Sporting Clays – Seems to be popular.  Hold October event.  Price point of $75 minimum in the announcement blast.  Consider joining with PBX or other in spring if this does not go well.


EXPENSES-by Committee

PROGRAMS:  Budget reasonable, but may be impacted by costs associated with expanded revenue efforts & joint meetings.  Changes should be net positive to bottom line. Scott Keener to co-chair and allow Bob to reduce efforts. 

1. Golf outings split into spring & fall budgets.  Coordination agreed with Sporting Clay event in October.  Budgets reflect lower participation.  Could a better course (more expensive) generate interest?
2. Holiday Party revenue & expenses consistent with prior year.  This event format is getting tired, so we need to find alternative to create interest.  Joint party?  Just invite another group?  Key is get professionals to attend.

PUBLICITY: - Budget increase to $600 for more post card mailings
1. WEBSITE:  Focus on presentation and use as advertising vehicle for communication & revenue source of sponsors.
2.  SPECIGRAM: Improve presentation.  First page to be concise & news about CSI.  Announce early & often via email blasts. 
3. POST CARDS:  Not always done last year.  Need to get info to Brian so he can manage the mailings.  Consider adding special events mailings with references to Web site, etc.
4. PROMOTIONAL ITEMS:  We have some, but lost track at MARC.  Bill, Miki, Kate and anyone else with items to advise Bill who has inventory list.  CREATE CURRENT INVENTORY of ITEMS.

MEMBERSHIP:  The only real expenses are pins and guest dinners for potential members. 
1. Matt to inventory and advise of shortages to be purchased.  May change budget. 
2. Membership committee to create & distribute current vs. historical membership rosters to contact members who have fallen off.  Potential revenue gains.

TECHNICAL EDUCATION:  Committee is largely inactive.  Leisa needs co-chair that will seek opportunities for special seminars.  Education other than lunch-and-learns are less popular since professionals can get education in other ways with less time commitment.
1. The only way to improve is joint meetings with current topics that give AIA credits.
2. Can we reach out to AIA chapter?

CERTIFICATION: Using existing materials.  Need to find a way to get more people interested in the certifications.  Explaining advantages to new people may help. 

AWARDS:  Budget reasonable.  Awards dinner turnout poor last 2 years.  Need better venue and/or change date.  Consider combining with 60th Anniversary this year.  See new business.

GBA LIASION: No expense budget.  Annual speaker program to be continued. 

STUDENT OUTREACH: No students were able to attend Jeopardy for April meeting with the finals schedule.  Chatham University reached out to explain the issues/opportunities:
1. Date was in April – finals conflict
2. Location in Carnegie – not easy to get to
3. Chatham volunteered to host the competition in 2018.  Can invite students that can walk/bike to the event.
4. Colleen to discuss dates & how we make this happen, including food.

CSI CHAPTER 60th ANNIVERSWARY:  This could be promoted as soon as we get the date set.  Want upscale facility on a weekend night in a central/easy access location.  Need to start now.  Committee volunteers: Colleen, Matt, Rich to organize and discuss before August BOD meeting.  Gail to provide sage advice and some budget info from past events.

1. LOS meeting in August.  Please attend if you are interested.  Recent email sent.
2. Construct meeting in September causes travel conflicts with Pittsburgh meeting.  Move Pittsburgh meeting back 1 week in September to 9/19/17.
3. Programs Committee (Bob) presented a summary of ideas & history of past activities for consideration in the current fiscal year.  It is a great start with a few new ideas.

MOTION: For adjournment at 7:45 PM, since there was no additional business before the board; proposed by, Miller seconded by Schuster; motion unanimously approved.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Rich Strayer.